What We Do

We support arts-based projects that champion meaningful education about – and action against – family violence.

We believe everyone has a role to play in preventing family violence, and that conversation and education is key.

Lullaby Music Video

Written for Australian movie, The Fort, Lullabye was initially titled ‘Lullabye from a Mother, to a Son’.

Sung from the perspective of the Mother in the movie, Kitty, the lyrics tell the story of her role as guide and protector to her son, Tom.

The Healing Power of The Arts

First introduced in the late 1900s, and founded on the idea that creative pursuits can assist with self-expression and foster healing and mental wellbeing, art therapy is a growing therapeutic field, and is the framework for Voice of Change’s arts-based approach.

Arts Activations

Voice of Change-commissioned content serves as a therapeutic creative outlet for survivors, and as educational materials that can be used to highlight abusive behaviours, address patriarchal masculinity and promote behavioural change. We also facilitate Q&A sessions and workshops conducted by family violence spokespeople that provide insight and education to schools, community groups, and businesses.

Supporting materials

By their nature Voice of Change projects tackle confronting subject matter, so each project will be accompanied by supporting materials created by family violence and mental health sector professionals. These materials will highlight key themes and messages, educate about the links between attitudes of disrespect and inequality, and family violence, facilitate conversation and outline primary prevention pathways that will support change.

Other support resources

We believe everyone has a role to play in preventing family violence, and that primary prevention, in the form of education and conversation, is key. The ‘Make Change’ section of our website contains links to a number of existing resources. These include tools that support people to make change by:

  • identifying disrespect and inequality
  • engaging as active bystanders
  • planning to take action in safe, constructive ways. Learn more.

Artists and Mentors

Project artists and mentors will be commissioned on the basis of suitability to individual projects. These are just four of the incredible artists who have indicated they would like to support Voice of Change projects.

Danielle Webber

Fine art

Melbourne-based artist and muralist Danielle’s passion and love for her craft is evident through her diverse range of styles, from realism to abstract. She has created original pieces for a number of high-profile clients including Hollywood actors, Olympians, sports stars, business leaders, and big-name brands.

Michala Banas

Stage / Performance

A multi-award winning film, television and theatre actor, Michala earned her first film credit aged five and has forged a remarkable career since then, starring in more than 40 films, television and theatre productions. Michala is also a writer, and founding member and co-artistic director of Green Room- nominated theatre company The KIN Collective.

Gary Pinto


Aria award winning, multi-platinum selling recording artist Gary Pinto is considered one of the greatest Soul and R&B singers Australia has ever produced. Frontman of CDB, widely regarded as pioneers of Australian R&B, Gary has also written songs for a number of Australian artists and has worked as musical director and vocal coach on a number of TV music shows.

Julian Cress

Film / Documentary

Co-creator and executive producer of The Block – currently in its 16th season on the Nine Network – Julian is behind a number of other successful TV formats in Australia and the USA. Prior to his work in reality television, Julian was an investigative journalist and senior producer for 60 minutes for almost a decade.